China's fight against COVID-19 a story of pride

來源︰China Daily作者︰Isamoldien Khadir A. Elmansour責任編輯︰Chen Zhuo
2020-03-05 19:06

A discharged patient praises the medical staff at Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on Feb 27, 2020. [Photo by Gao Xiang/]

China's fight against COVID-19 a story of pride

By Isamoldien Khadir A. Elmansour

The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in China has attracted unprecedented global attention because of the mounting worries regarding the unknown global challenges for humankind. It was very not very clear at the very beginning of the outbreak whether this unknown virus would be controllable due to the lack of information about the nature of the virus.

As diplomatic envoy to China, I am very confident that China will contain the spread of this virus. The world has witnessed China working under the leadership of President Xi Jinping in harmony and setting unprecedented measures to control the epidemic. We saw Chinese people lining up behind their leadership. They provided a good example to the world that the Chinese social system is one of the best in the history of humanity. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has been in practice during the crisis -- no doubt it's a success story which is going to be told for coming generations.

It was for China to prove to the world through the management of the challenges accrued during the outbreak that its development and advancement to the top of the global system is real and based on a solid foundation of mutual trust between the nation and the leadership of the Communist Party.

China model of success is not a surprising thing for those who study Chinese history. China has passed through many difficulties and won battles against many challenges through the ages. It can be said with confidence that Chinese people will continue with the same inherited spirit which will be also transferred to the coming generations, who will carry on the same values.

In spite of all kinds of sympathy and support that China has received during the last month, the world has still noticed that many traditional international powers have used the current situation in China as an opportunity for cheap political propaganda. China's battle against coronavirus was a concern for humanity, not a childish global leadership competition. It is obvious now that China is winning on the moral front, along with its great success so far in managing the epidemic in an area of 9.6 million square kilometers and population of 1.4 billion. It's a big and amazing accomplishment.

It is a foregone conclusion that China is capable and has the ability to handle all current and future challenges in a collective and organized manner. This hard chapter in Chinese history will definitely make it even much stronger. Their leadership model of communication during crises will become an example to be followed by the rest of the world.

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is ready to be further implemented after the closing of this chapter. The world now is ready to see Chinese contributions in creating a better world system where each and every nation could have a chance to win in a fair model of cooperation.

All free nations in the world including my country are confident that China is setting the rules for the world after coronavirus, as it is very clear now for all that the values of China's long-lasting civilization are winning more support.

The author is charge d'affaires of the embassy of the Republic of the Sudan to China.